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I'm developing something for a friend and for some reason, my mind has
gone wibble and I've forgotten something.

Point your browsers at and
you'll see it virtually instantly. Around the text in the first two
columns are quote marks.

I'm using PHP to access a MySQL database and I have a feeling the quotes
are part of the dataset imported. I either need to strip the quotes from
the SQL database *or* in the PHP. Question is, how do I do either of

All my books on this are at work. It's been a hectic weekend and my mind
is giving up. Help would be appreciated :-)


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Re: Quick PHP and/or MySQL question

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "Paul F. Johnson" <paul@all-the-

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Single quotes are used in SQL statements as delimiters and must be escaped.    
I use a tilde mark, and have created functions to replace ' with ~ for
inserts/updates and replace ~ with ' when printing out the recordset.

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Re: Quick PHP and/or MySQL question

@sbcglobal.net says...
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How about addslashes() and stripslashes() for PHP?  With PHP, the server
admin. can enable MAGIC_QUOTES which takes care of this for you.  It's
worth coding for the eventuality that the magic quotes setting will be
reversed by checking whether they're on or not.  The PHP docs has info.
on this.


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