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I'm a HTML / PHP Programmer, that until now has mainly done small sites for
local bands and small businesses.  I was recently hired  by a company to
design a "ten page site" that would require roughly 10 hours of work.  It's
a pretty complicated PHP/MySql driven site.  I bid $800 - $1000 for the
entire thing.  Well, now the contact that I'm working with at the company
keeps sending me more stuff to do, and this ten page site is now approaching
30, and it's looking like it's going to be 50 - 60 pages by the time it's
done.  Not to mention all the extra graphic design, scanning, etc... I
didn't sign a contract yet, although I have given them a copy of my contract
to go over before signing, but they haven't mentioned anything about extra
money, but I think the site has developed far beyond what was talked about
in our initial consultation.  Has this happened to anyone before?  Is this
common?  How did you handle it?  Thanks for any advice.


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Greg wrote:

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I have seen that a few times.  That is why in my quotes, I state what is
included for the set amount, and I also state a rate for additional work.
I might even give multiple rates, if I regularly charge different rates for
different types of work.

I would suggest you talk with them, and depending on how you feel about the
situation, refuse to continue the work until they sign an 'adjusted'
contract.  If you just want to protect yourself in the future, then watch
what you are charging for, and don't do extras, until payment has been
arranged for the extras.

From a client's point of view, they often don't have a clue what is
involved.  They may innocently be thinking it's all part of what they first
talked to you about.  It may also be a little less nice - wanting to milk
you for all they can.

Good luck,  Carolyn

Re: Question for the WebMasters

if they got a copy of your contract before you started the work then even
tho they havent signed it youve still got the go ahead from them to do the
work, as a result even tho they didnt sign they must still have agreed to
your terms otherwise why would they give you work to do...

i quote estimated timescales plus fixed cost that way if they start taking
the pi$$ i can ask for more loot.


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