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how can I build basic layout - main page 600px + 200px column of it's left
side + footer (800px width) at bottom?

I'm looking for exaact code, that will work on any browser (>= NN 4, IE 4),
that will correclty set aligment of text inside columns (to left) etc.
Entire page (both columns) should be ceneterd inside browser window.

What is code to display:

<---entire window--->

   Menu  Main Page
   1     ..
   2     ..
   --- footter ---


a) tables
b) div's

Maybe there is a way to realize this layout on div's and to have it still
working under NN 4?

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Re: [question] basic layout

Rafal 'Raf256' Maj wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

A simple two-column table. Or check out some of the layouts here:


Re: [question] basic layout

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I wouldn't go for those particular dimensions: if someone has a screen size
of 800x600 (still quite common, especially for people with smaller monitors
since on a 15-inch monitor, text looks too small at 1024x768), they're
going to have less than 800 horizontal pixels available inside their
browser window even if they're running maximized, because of scrollbars,
borders, and the like.  So your proposed dimensions will make a horizontal
scrollbar appear.

Much better to change those pixel values to percentages, namely 75%, 25%,
and 100%.  That way the page will automatically adjust to the user's window
size, limited only by the sizes of images.

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