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Hello all!

I have question regarding to the google web browser power.
I am a Oracle Forms & Reports programmer and I have been thinking about one
thing lately. Can you explain to me why google web browser is working so fast,
even when I put a long keyword to find up and also even when I fill a short one.
When I create Oracle forms, which bases on the Oracle database, sometimes it
forces user to make the period more narrow i.e.

instead of filling billing period from 01/2001 till 01/2007 in the report to
user has to makes the billing period shorter i.e. from 11/2006 till 01/2007
or user is forced to divide the periods into a few short seperate period
(=searches) to fill the whole period from 01/2001 till 01/2007, which he is
interested in.

Is it possible to create such powerful database which will be searching for long
and short keywords in a few seconds? Is there something like cheating end user?

I know that the whole power of google is divided into a few servers connected to
each other, but the amount of data is so big that nobody can even imagine and
searching up in such database should take a long time even when I have indexes
created. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you in advance
Marcin from Poland

Re: question about google powerful database

MZ wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Clustering is part of the answer and you don't do full text search, but tag
word searches. And The MySQL is patched to use database engine that is
adjusted for googles needs.

If I don't recall it wrongly, but has a document on their pages
describing how search engines works, or read a bit between the lines of "The
Google Story".



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