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I have my personal web page! and i would like to test the view in
differents web browsers  you know like Netscape. FireFox, Opera,
explore, ... is any  way to do that !!!   does anyone know how can i do
that !!!!

thanks ...

Re: Question...?

You can run one version of all the normal Windows browsers (IE,
firefox, Netscape) together on one machine just fine. Internet Explorer
does not allow itself to be installed with multiple versions (which is
very important to test for) but people have figured out hacks to make
it work so that you can run several different versions. I think
Netscape is the same way, but a quick google will land you with ample
web sites that outline getting different browsers going.

Re: Question...?

On 09/03/2006 05:16, josh wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

And as they are all free, there's little excuse for a developer not to
do so. Opera and Mozilla can be added to that list, too.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Officially, no.

The browser archive[1] contains standalone versions of
previous IE browsers.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

All of the browsers mentioned above will permit multiple installations.
On this machine, I have a total of 21 browser versions to test scripting
and style sheet differences.

IE can be downloaded as separate, archived installations. There are some
bugs in some versions (Favourites menu, Location bar, setting cookies),
and it can be difficult telling them apart (the About information
displays the same version number as the system IE).

Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape use profiles to store preferences. A
separate profile should be used for each version to ensure that there's
no interference. Starting each browser version with the -profilemanager
flag, for example:

   firefox.exe -profilemanager

will allow you to create a unique profile. For simplicity, modify
the Start menu short cut to include the newly created profile name:

   firefox.exe -p "Firefox 1.0"

Multiple Opera versions can be installed together, but unless the
registry is modified after each installation, it can be difficult to
uninstall as previous keys will be overwritten.

Simply find the key below and rename it, and the DisplayName value to
reflect the version so you can identify it for uninstallation later.


I add the version number in parentheses: \Opera (7.54)

Finally, edit Install.log in the UnInst directory of the Opera
installation and find the old registry key that was just modified (the
line will begin 'RegDB Key:'). Change it and the DisplayName value

You can have more than one version of each browser running at the same
time without problems, with one exception: Firefox.


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Michael Winter
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Re: Question...?

cookemx wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it


1. Install other browsers,
2. Open page with other browsers
3. View your monitor.

BTW, how about a little more description in your subject line?

Take care,

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