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Hi everybody, i have a request:
how do I put, in html codes, an image over another? after that with some
table tags I'll adjust the positions..
and, from the moment I'm here, how do I *write* onto an image?
example: I have prepeared two images:
with BC bigger than YC
I'd like to put YC inside BC, and on YC I'd like to write "I love mama",
that will be a link for another page (a href:" ect..)
It's a freakin' crappy example but I hope it can help..
Thanx a lot!

Re: question

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Why not just make a button like that in a graphics program? Would be very
easy. Then you only have one image to contend with, much simpler.

cheers ~

Re: question

Gyoba wrote:

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As Denise said, it would be far better to do this in a graphics program,
but if you really want to:

<div style="position:relative;">

  <img src="bc.png" alt="" height="180" width="180"
  style="position:absolute; top:0; left:0;" z-index:1;">

  <img src="yc.png" alt="" height="120" width="120"
  style="position:absolute; top:30px; left:30px;" z-index:2;">

  <div style="position:absolute; top:0; left:0; z-index:3;
  height:180px; width:180px; text-align:center; vertical-align:middle;">
    <a href="">I Love Mama</a>


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Re: question

To "Denise Enck" & "Toby A Inkster" ha scritto:

You were a whole lot helpful, thanx!
have a great day

P.S. my decision not to use Flash or company, is that to realize this site I
have to maintain a sobre style, with cold designs.. yesterday, trying to
help myself with this problem, I made a .gif with all the images I needed,
with names already onto, and used the tag map to link around :)

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