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<img src="slike/img012.jpg" width="35" height="30" /> <h3
style="line-height: 1px;" >Aktualno </h3>

It would need to show in the same row, but with this above coding the
"Aktualno" title goes bellow the image...
I tried to put it in the same row with the align="absmiddle" but without
succed, anyone has a clue ?


Re: q: putting

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<h3><img src=3D"slike/img012.jpg" width=3D"35" height=3D"30" alt=3D""/>


Re: q: putting

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Try also stylesheets with background-image,
for example

<h3 class="myclass">some text here</h3>

and the style code for .myclass something like

.myclass {
  background-image: url("imageurl-here");
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  .... more styling for things like positioning,
  ....     width, height, etc.  ....

Re: q: putting

catalyst wrote:
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IMG is an inline element. (An inline element is set on the same line.)
H3 is a block element. (A block element is set on a new line.)

Restructure as Steve showed or make H3 display as inline with:


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