Q. Background graphic width ?

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Can someone please tell me how to specify my background graphic width
in the body tag, so that I don't get duplicate sets of verticle lines?


Re: Q. Background graphic width ?

Jim Jones wrote:

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body {
    background-repeat: repeat-y;

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Re: Q. Background graphic width ?

Jim Jones wrote:
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There is no provision to scale background images in HTML or CSS.

CSS allows you to specify the position and repeating of background images.

http://w3.org/TR/CSS2/ (and look up "background" in the list of properties)

There is a somewhat nasty hack involving the positioning of a foreground
image behind other content using absolute positioning, but I wouldn't
advise you to use it.

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Re: Q. Background graphic width ? slightly OT

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I played once with a  'background-text'.
Made a layer something like this:

width :100%;
height :100%;
font-size : huge;
line-height : minimal;
letter-spacing : minimal;
color : #dda;
z-index : 1;
top :0;

then in the body was simply like this:
<div id="bgr">lots of loremipsum in here</div>

The point of such large font-size was to have a good hash which doesn't
interfere with the content, and make it difficult to read.

Trouble was with layer's edges and text wrapping on the background.

I guess you could get over it by set the clipping. Also I had the
problem that user could select  the background-text accidentally instead
of the content.

I guess I soon got a better idea for the background and I forgot this,
and it's no wonder at all. But it would be nice to know if someone had
actually used a solution like this?


Re: Q. Background graphic width ?

harley.davidson@mailcity.com says...
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Use CSS:

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