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I have a website and i have some mpg format movies out there that
are on a page and coded like this:
   <a href="Movies/Movie1.mpg">Sampung mga Daliri</a>
When i click on it, it plays but after a few seconds it stutters badly.
Some browsers attempt to donwload the whole thing before playing.
Is the above html snippet the right way to do this?
I was hoping to share video of my daughter with my extended family
but this is unusable as it is now.

Re: putting up mpgs

Eric wrote:
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It is fine, to have it ploy smoothly would require streaming setup on
your server. How a browser handles the file depends how the browser is
setup. All you have to do is recommend that your family not just click
the list but, right-click and select "Save Link As..." and download the
MPG and then play it off their local hard drive.

Take care,


Re: putting up mpgs

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Mpg is not a very good format for streaming. Your best bet would be to
convert to a .wmv, .rm, or .mov format. You need to know what download
speed your viewers can support and use a file size that will support
it without undue delay. If you don't have video conversion programs,
Microsoft offers a free wmv/wma encoder and likewise Real offers a
free encoder for .rm/.ra . I believe both will accept a .mpg as input.
Both allow you to select conditions for everything from dialup to high
end broadband connections. Thus, knowing what connection your viewers
have and if they have the WMP player and/or the Real player, you can
select best conditions. If the files do not then start playing, a .wvx
or .rpm/.ram playlist/redirector file often will start the streaming.
If you need to go this route, post back for directions. Also once the
file is working and if you want to embed it at some selected size on a
web page, post back. I don't have the urls for the mentioned encoders
at hand, but you likely can find them at Microsoft and Real by
searching on something like media encoder. Also the Apple QT .mov
formation is an option, but not for very low speed connections such as
dialup. QT movies made on most conversion programs and the basic Apple
QT free player usually will not stream unless they are "hinted". You
can hint QT files by upgrading the free QT player to the Pro version
for about US$ 30. Then if you have a QT movie, regardless of where
encoded, you can open it in QT Pro and then just store it somewhere.
That is all it takes to "hint" the .mov so it will stream on a fast
enough connection. All very easy, except perhaps on the wallet.

Re: putting up mpgs

cwdjrxyz wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
I have it downloaded now and converting the frist mpg -
thanks a bunch

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