Putting one page inside another - I found the Solution!

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A few days back I posted a question asking if it were possible to include
one web page inside another using code.  I managed ot get it and thought I'd
post how just in case someone needs it or it helps somebody.  Sorry if I'm
teaching anyone to suck eggs, only trying to help.

I have two pages:

Banner.shtml - which contains the info I want to put somewhere else, say a
company address or a company logo banner

Testpage.html - which contains the place holder for the 'Banner' page and
will house the code coming from 'Banner'

Inside the 'Testpage' HTML page, I put the tag:

<!--#include file="banner.shtml" -->

where I want the file with the info to appear.  Notice I have to change the
'Banner' page extension to SHTML instead of HTML.  I uploaded both pages to
my web server.. bingo!

Hope that helps someone.  Thanks for all the suggestions I got when
initially trying... it pointed me in a direction on the web which ultimately


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