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Is there a way to implement a hit counter thats pure HTML ?
I don't want to display the hits on the web pages, just want to gather

Re: Pure HTML Hit Counter

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HTML means "Hypertext Markup Language".
HTML only defines the structure of the document.  It does nothing else.

To count the hits, you need something on your server that is capable of
doing that.
This can be done on your own with server-side scripting. But often your host
already has something like Webalizer or Analog stats already on the machine

However, I've never seen a (paid) web host that does not offer this.
There is no excuse for being on a free web host such as Tripod or
Any hosting company worth dealing with will be able to provide you with

I'm sure some of the other Aussies who read this group can recommend some
Here in the US, I use Page-Zone http://www.page-zone.com and I've been very

Karl Core

Re: Pure HTML Hit Counter

EightNineThree wrote:
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We use NetRegistry here - http://www.netregistry.com.au .  Most of their
hosting plans give you the option of 3 different statistics packages.
http://www.website-hosting.netregistry.com.au /

We have found them to be very reliable, and the few times we have had to
contact them for support, they have been quick and helpful.



Mark Parnell

Re: Pure HTML Hit Counter

Paul White wrote:
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No way at all. HTML alone cannot do it.

Nicolai Zwar
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