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I am trying to construct a site with frames and pulldown menu's.
But I get entangled in a web of browser compatibility problems.

I found an inspiring instruction at http://www.surguy.net/menu/index.html
but it doesn't work in MS IE, as it has very poor CSS support, and
unfortunately 90% off all surfers still use this monstrosity.

On my site I have a top-row frame with the credentials, the pulldown menu's
and further surf-management tools,
whereas the actual information appears in the lower frame.

But how can my pulldown menus glide over the frame border,
as some menu's can be considerably longer than the relatively narrow

Suggestions on where to find a solution are greatly welcomed,

Peter Crom.

Re: Pull-down menu's

Peter Crom wrote in message ...
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Try this. It does work with frames ...


Re: Pull-down menu's

Peter Crom wrote:

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You can't.

Sorry, but there is none.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
Contact Me - http://www.goddamn.co.uk/tobyink/?page=132

Re: Pull-down menu's

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Rethink your design?


Re: Pull-down menu's

in alt.html:

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That's never going to work, and it's a bad idea anyway.

http://dorward.me.uk/www/frames /
http://www.google.com/webmasters/2.html (see under "Your page uses

And make sure that your drop-down menus still work when Javascript is

Mark Parnell

Re: Pull-down menu's

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Even when Javascript is available, many drop-down menus won't work properly
until an onLoad event occurs for the body element, something that won't
happen until *all* images have finished loading.  As a result, the
navigation is unusable to someone who, because he's on a slow dial-up
connection, wants to just go to the right section without waiting for the
all the images to load (and it can be unusable to anyone if one of the
images is from an off-site source that takes too long to respond).  
Navigation should be usable from the very moment it becomes visible.

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