Published different to local - why?

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I create a tableless, header, 3-cols middle, footer, design.
Looks a toyal mess in DW8, header and footer in
the middle, overlaying the middle 3-col block.
On local PC used to develop it, layout looks slightly
off in positioning, the 2 header divs not horizontally
aligned, the code says they should be.
(XP pro SP2 IE6.0 browser, and Firefox 2.0)
Upload it and open URL looks fine and as expected.
Separate stylesheet, change items a few pixels,
here, a percent or two there, whole site (all
pages are using the same template, with different
content in the content div) change as expected.

Same PC, same browsers.
Other PC's it also looks good.
So WHY does it look a mess locally, but not
when I visit the uploaded site?

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