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I am creating a website for a local doctor (vet) for free - he is a
friend of the family and since I've made a few simple sites before I
acknowledged his request for a website by telling him I'd whip him one
up by two weeks from now. He cannot sell prescription medicine on ebay,
so he would like me to create a site for him. I want to try something
new - image maps.

A friend of mine told me I could use this psd template to make the

Obviously, I will need to edit out the text via layers in photoshop and
replace them with the various types of medicine he offers for sale. My
question to you, is should I use Dreamweaver to create the image maps?

Also, lets say I have a link to a narrative on a cat medicine. Can I
'blank' out the middle of the psd file and fill it with text for the
description or do I have to keep the picture in its entirety?

Should I say the image mapped website as png or jpg?

Please help ! Thanks !

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To further the education of mankind, vouchsafed:

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Uh, I really don't know how to reply to this without insulting you.  I do
believe you have the wrong idea about html and web pages in general.

As a sidelight, I read the text in the center box of that "psd image" and
it's bullshit.

Have a nice day.

Infinity has its limits.

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 Neredbojias <

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And, of course, armed with this knowledge of your character and
abilities and motivations, it did not at all occur you to you to
not reply at all.


Re: psds, dreamweaver, image maps wrote:
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image maps for basically the whole page? You would not do your friend
any service unless all his customers are on broadband....
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If you were just putting up a basic site the tells location, hours, and
a bit about the place that is fine for novices, however once you add
selling stuff and client financial information, well that is a whole
other story.

You will need some kind of shopping cart, and secure checkout for the
clients. One can script all these themselves but again this is not for a
novice! If you do not know what you are doing, you could put your
friend's clients' private information at risk. I am sure he has gotten
beaucoup pamphlets from his merchant services about penalties and fines
if you leak customers' financial info.

 From your question I can garner that your are not up to the task. If
you really want to help your friend, offer to do him a personal site and
urge him to hire someone professional to do a commercial site.

Sorry just being straight with you especial when the product is
prescription drugs...

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Take care,

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