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Q. Help. My page doesn't display properly?

A. Validate the page against the W3C validator at
unicorn first. Fix all the errors. Then post a link to the page and a  
description of the problem, identifying what part(s) of the page are not  
appearing as you intend, and describing how you intend them to appear.

Q. richard said .....?

A. Ignore him. richard has never been known to post an accurate response  
to any html, javascript, css, php or mysql related problem, ever. Healways  
makes assumptions based on accumulated misinformation that he has  
absorbed over the years without actually understanding anything about any  
www related technology.

Did I miss anything?

Denis McMahon,

Re: Proposed Faq

On Mon, 14 Jul 2014 16:27:52 +0000 (UTC), Denis McMahon wrote:

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The position of God has been occupied for centuries and sees no possibility
of needing a replacement for the next 10,000 centures.

I get bashed by the mere fact that I am fair game due to my reputation of
being "stupid". When I post proper responses that are in fact, correct, I
don't get bashed unless the asswipe like you, feels like bashing.

Recently, a poster inquired about Iframes.
I posted the proper way of dealing with them and got bashed for being
"wrong". Even when I posted a link to a page from a well known resource
that showed the exact same thing as being correc, I got bashed for that.

Dennis McMahon is not God, nor has he any control over persons in this

Do not do as he says. As he ALWAYS replies to my posts even after he's said
he is "ignoring" me.

Quite frankly, I wish you would ignore me.

Re: Proposed Faq

On Mon, 14 Jul 2014 16:54:26 -0400, richard wrote:

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You get bashed because you post incorrect and stupid answers to other  
people's questions. You also get bashed because you keep making the same  
mistakes over and over again. And you get bashed for insisting that code  
you post in various groups is exactly the same as the code on your  
website when it obviously isn't. Oh yeah, you also get bashed because  
every time you ask for help and advice you then ignore almost all the  
help and advice that you're offered. But we solved that, we don't offer  
you help and advice any more.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

No, you didn't post the proper answer to the OPs question.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I have never said I'm ignoring you, so that makes you a liar as well.

As I have pointed out several times, it is not safe to ignore you because  
then we will fail to catch and correct your erroneous replies to other  

Denis McMahon,

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