Problems with Table Borders

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Hi All,

I'm just having a small problem on my website with a table.

Basically, I have two rows, each with two columns. In the top row, I
have merged the two columns, so the display is one long column on top
of two columns. In the top merged row, I have an image, which
stretches across the whole cell. In each of the bottom two cells, I
have text in either cell, and each cell has its own background colour.

The actual website can be found at:, and the
table I am referring to is the one with the membership image and the
"why shop with us" and "more info..." cells below it.

The problem that I am having is that I would like the image in the top
cell to be perfectly in line with the left side of the bottom left
cell, and the right side of the bottom right cell. The difficulty
arises because the background colours of the bottom cells go all the
way to the edge of the cell. The image in the top cell does not go all
the way to the edge, and so if you center it, it misses out on both
edges by a small margin.

What I have done to overcome this is to add an extra column to either
side. I have merged the top so that it is all one row, but have left
the bottom with two empty cells; one on the left, and one on the
right. This gives me room to resize the image so that it works,
although this is not the cleanest solution, and also doesn't look
great when viewed in Mozilla.

Is there a way to make the contents of the cell go all the way to the

Thanks in advance,


Re: Problems with Table Borders

Not to worry. I just discovered cellspacing and cellpadding - the
combination of those is enough for what I need.

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