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(sorry if my English aint good, but don't blame me, blame my too Dutch

since a few months I've got a new website: . It's
all goin' smoothly except for one thing: the scrollarea. I discovered the
fact that visitors with other browser than Internet Explorer can't scroll.
I've used a dhtml scrollable area. Now my question is if there a replacement
that doesn't change my design (i just wanna have scrollbuttons under my
text). And no, I don't want to make this thing with flash to (it's too
complicated to change it than).

Is this possible and if yes: how?

Thanks for your answer already,


Re: Problems with scrollarea

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Feel free to talk in Dutch at nl.internet.www.ontwerp

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I use Safari on a Mac and I can scroll. I just don't like your
re-invented way of scrolling a page. What is wrong with the way my OS
aloows me to scroll? At least I can use my keyboard for that or my

People without JavaScript will be left in the cold as well.

Besides that, you are using frames while you don't have to.

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Give me a good reason why they should be there. "Because I like it" is
not good enough; what _you_ like is irrelevant to the success of your

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I don't think anyone here would recommend you make the site in Flash.

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Let visitors scroll using the scrollbar that naturally appears in the
frames, don't suppress it. Better yet, get rid of the frames, rebuild
your site without them and have people use the window's scrollbar to
scroll the page.

Rule of thumb: when you think you have to re-invent something, think


Re: Problems with scrollarea

In alt.html  Headbanger said:

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you can practice with this page

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