Problems with IE 7.0 and scollbars..

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Hi.. I just foud this group, it is probable the wrong place to ask for
helb, but could not find any other group.

I'm having problems with myxhtml code.. It look like my index file has
an iframe when I open it in the new IE7.0.. That suck, because it is
just my index file and my home.html file that looks that way..

If I open my website in Opera or Firefox I don't get this... What is
wrong with my conding?
One other thing I cant figure out is hov to import javascripts in a
validating way... I use strict xhtml.. and I get the fault that the
language-option is not valid.. The code work but it does not validate..

My website is: ..

these pages looks wrong in IE7.0:


if you compare it with Opera/firefox you will see what I mean about the

I hope somebody know why this happen and can help me, cos I am stuck..
I welcome all help I can get.

Thanks in advanse.

greeting, tor
[mastaar -]

OBS: I also speak norwegian - just thought I maybe would get more help
if I wrote in english..

Problems with IE 7.0 and scollbars..

Hello. Sorry for those spelling mistakes.. obvious was kinda tired when
I wrote it.. hope someone can help me anyway.

/tor [mastaar]

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