Problems Capturing activex events in HTAfiles using VBS ,,JS works

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 I was converting a file from JS to VBS and ran upon the problem of
captureing  events.

The quik questions ..

Can i capture activex events in an .hta file useing  vbscript ...??
Is JScript the only way to do this inside an .htm file?


// Create the Sapi SpVoice object
var VoiceObj = new ActiveXObject("Sapi.SpVoice");

// lots of fun code

// Handle EndStream Event
function VoiceObj::EndStream() {
 idbSpeakText.value = "SpeakText";
 idImage.src = "mouthclo.bmp";

//// Events are captured and useable useing JScript.. but, i want to be able
to use all VBscript

My conversion of the 'fun code' to vbs is fine, but the events dont work

 Dim VoiceObj : Set VoiceObj = Createobject("Sapi.SpVoice")   ' this cannot
find server.. thus no events

'// Handle EndStream Event
Sub VoiceObj_EndStream()
 idbSpeakText.value = "SpeakText"
 idImage.src = "mouthclo.bmp"
End Sub

'-- then i tried

Dim WithEvents
Set VoiceObj  = CreateObject("Sapi.SpVoice")
' this dont do it.. no events

i cannt use this one cuz it  needs WScript object   (but it works fine in a
xxxx.vbs   file
Set VoiceObj = WScript.CreateObject("VoiceObj","VoiceObj_")

i have adjusted and tinkered all the code .... and  must be missing
is a Type library the answer..? i have'nt checked on these yet..

Re: Problems Capturing activex events in HTAfiles using VBS ,,JS works

mrrrhanson wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

If you choose to use VBScript, you obviously aren't doing anything for a
publicly accessible web site since VBS is a Windows IE only thing. I
suggest you ask Microsoft what's wrong with, or how to use/program,
their stuff.

In the event you are supposed to be doing something for a publicly
accessible web site, stick with JS.
comp.lang.javascript is over there ->


Re: Problems Capturing activex events in HTAfiles using VBS ,,JS works

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Thanks for the info ,,
This is for my own learning  experiance.
i did figure that js is more common cuz that seems the common language in
and dont seem to popup the active X warnings.
I asked here cuz i thought maybe someone may have experianced the the
problem.. :)
and will probly use/learn more JS.
-- Morris

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