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I have a problem with the width of my table. When i set the table, i get a
scrollbar because the width is to big so that's why i want width="50%" and
that's the code:

<table summary="Acties" rules="all" width="50%">

but it doesn't work. Even when i put table { width: 20%; } in my css also
nothing happens. When i change table to td or tr in my css, nothing
happens... Is it because i'm working with images?

<p align="center">
<table summary="Acties" rules="all" width="50%">
  <tr><td align="center"><a href="profwijzig.asp"><img src="male.gif"
alt="Profiel wijzigen" width="25%"><br>Profiel wijzigen</a>
   <td align="center"><a href="zoeken.asp"><img src="img/gedicht.gif"
alt="Gedichten wijzigen of verwijderen" width="30%"><br>Gedichten </a>
   <td align="center"><a href="verhaal.asp"><img src="img/draak.gif"
alt="Verhalen wijzigen of verwijderen" width="85%"><br>Verhalen</a>

even when i change the width of each image, the image changes but the size
of the table doesn't.

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