problem with scrollbars on mac ie

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On a site I'm building, I have a div tag with an overflow:auto setting
within a table, but on a mac running ie it doesn't display a scrollbar.  It
seems to work fine on all other system I've tested on, but the client has
specified it's essential that it works with this configuration and
unfortuantely I don't have access to this set-up to test it.

I've now configured it so that for a mac running ie it sets
overflow-y:scroll, but I'm not sure whether this has fixed the problem, and
the client is reviewing the site this evening (right about now...arrrgh).
Even if this works as a temporary fix, it's not suitable as a permenant
solution as the pages are generated dynamically and on pages with a small
ammount of text, I don't want the scrollbar to appear.

Can anyone help with this?


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