problem with opening pop up window

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looking at this adress, /

when you click on the button "plan d'acces", the pop up is opening.
at this redirection adress,

le pop up can't open..?

In the index page,
is the javascript,
and the action for the flash button "plan d'accès" is
on (release) {getURL ("javascript:lancerpopup()");

If someone knowes what the matter ...

thanks in advance

Re: problem with opening pop up window says...
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Short answer:
You forgot to add lancerpopup() script on the page in the second link

Long answer:
You are using an old method for popping up a window with Flash, this is=20
the new way:

on(release) {
getURL ("'pop_

Make the appropriate modification to the above line.  There is no longer=20
any need for separate Javascript.

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