problem with IE 6.0 and win98

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Hi there,

I do have a problem with fonts on win98 and IE 6.0

Thats sound funny, but my site lookes fine on almost any computer looked
  totaly bad on a win98 machine. The font is just to big. Because of
that, the site looks really bad. There is nothing special about this
installation. Its all MS and the font seems to be installed.

Has anybody the same system and could take a look on the site?

Thanx for any help on that,


Re: problem with IE 6.0 and win98

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What do pages that don't set font size at all look on your browser? If the
font size is unsuitable, change it from the browser settings. Now visit your
page. If the font size is wrong, you know you have done something wrong, and
it wasn't the act of setting your _browser's_ font size.

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It plays some odd game with JavaScript and tricky tables. The cure is to
make it simpler. The fastest route is probably to start from scratch.

If I intentionally make the mistake of allowing JavaScript execution, I get
the page in too small (for me) font, which does not change when I change the
browser settings, and the line height is poor too. But the page is too
crowded for viewing on any font size - far more than fits into even a full-
screen window. I guess this is the problem that made you create other
problems by trying to reduce the font size.

Yucca, /
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