Problem with css positioning

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I have a problem with css positioning at least in mozilla.
I tried and IE shows it correct, dunno why.

I created 5 nested divs to position pictures.
Now I added 2 content divs at the innermost level of the picture
divs (both content divs on the same nesting level because they
do not overlap).

I displayed borders for easier positioning of the content, but
if I remove the borders the center Imgage moves down in mozilla
and I don't know why.

here are the pages: is the page without content, thats how
the images should be positioned. is with content (the 2 content styles are
in a comment on the page that you don't have to open the stylesheet)
the center img moves down now.

can anyone help me with that? is it the margin? or why that result?
don't know how to fix this.

thank you,

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