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HI.. i need some help, i'm working on a form and using the submit
button value to know when it has been submited... but the problem is
that when i press <enter> on the text field, the value do not come...
any clues?
Here is the fom code:
<form name="searchForm" action="search.php" method="post"
          <table width="1%" border=0>
            <tr title="User name">
                  <td rowspan="5">
                    &nbsp;<INPUT type="hidden" name="Op" id="Op"
              <td align="left">
                <label class="texto">User&nbsp;name:</label>
              <td width="1%">
                <input type="text" id="usrName" name="usrName"
                       tabindex="002" size="30" maxlength="60">
              <td colspan="3" valign="middle" align="right">
                <input type="submit" name="sent" id="sent"
                       value="Search" title="Search..."

Re: Problem when submit

You need to set the default value of each input box to the the $_POST
value that was submitted.

You have...

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What you need is

                <input type="text" id="usrName" name="usrName"
                 tabindex="002" size="30" maxlength="60" value =


When outputting text via PHP's Print command, only variables contained
in double quotes will be converted to their values.

So if your PHP code looks like this....

Print '<input type="text" id="usrName" name="usrName" tabindex="002"
size="30" maxlength="60" value = $_POST[usrName]>';

The default value will show as "$_POST[usrName]" rather than the value
of $_POST[usrName].

Either swap the quotes over:
Print "<input type='text' id='usrName' name='usrName' tabindex='002'
size='30' maxlength='60' value = $_POST[usrName]>";

or force the quotes with the escape character

Print "<input type=\"text\" id=\"usrName\" name=\"usrName\"
tabindex=\"002\" size=\"30\" maxlength=\"60\" value =

or drop them altogether

Print '<input type=text id=usrName name=usrName tabindex=002 size=30
maxlength=60 value = $_POST[usrName]>';

You only really need them if your values have spaces in them (an to be
WCC compliant of course...)

goliathuy wrote:
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Re: Problem when submit

Thanks aaron for your answer.
The issue isn't the value beeing printed on the output, i'm cheking the
page source to know if it's geting printed ok.
Now what this is realy about, is with the HTML code and IE; the same
page when submited from seamonkey or firefox DO send the "sent" value
on the $_POST, now when it's time for the  browser that the 80% (90%
70% or whatever is the usage today) of the people use, if i have only
one <input type"text"....>, the "sent" value (that is an <input
type="submit"...>) so not come, my solution for this was to add an
<input type"text" style="display:none"> on the form and now i get my
values... if any one else has had the same problem please tell me. wrote:
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