Problem on Mac IE 5.2

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I've been fighting a problem with this page: .  It looks as I intend in
Windows browsers and even Safari and Netscape on Mac, but in IE 5.2. on Mac,
it has two problems I can't seem to fix.

Number one: the first picture in the scrolling div has a huge space to the
right before the second picture (IE for Mac).  If I delete the text below
the picture in the <P> tags, the unwanted space goes away.

Problem No. 2: There is no margin above the pictures in the scrolling div on
IE for Mac.

Does anyone know what stupid mistake/s I'm making this time?  I validated
both the CSS and the HTML and fixed the errors.  I've tried about a million
things (I might be exaggerating a little) with no luck.  It's hard to work
on as I don't have a Mac but rely on phone calls to friends.  Thanks in
advance for any assistance.

Re: Problem on Mac IE 5.2

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It's not what you asked but I don't see the two problems you describe in
Mac/IE 5.1.7, which is the last version for OS 9.x. I don't have OS X
installed so can't compare with Mac/IE 5.2.3. In Mac/NS 7.02 the page
looks about the same as it does in IE 5.1.7. Either you changed
something since posting or IE for Mac OS X has something broken.

What I see in IE is this (a screen grab is better than a phone call):

<< Neil >>

Re: Problem on Mac IE 5.2

Thanks Neil,  I appreciate the help.

I found a solution, but not one I like.  Seems IE 5.2.* for Mac isn't seeing
SOME of the CSS declarations in the external style sheet (using link).
Putting the style callouts inline fixed the problem.  I tried eliminating
comments in the style sheet, moving the involved code up and down on the
page, changing the format, validating the CSS and HTML,  and still no luck.
Only moving the style callouts inline has worked so far.


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div on

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