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I have been doing this for years but all of a sudden my web page displays
about 95% of a jpg file instead of the full 8.5 by 11 inch sheet.  To
further befuddle me, I uploaded the same exact file(s) to a different web
page that I maintain and the entire page shows up there.  I would definitely
appreciate any ideas.

Here is the problem link.  Notice that the last line at the bottom right
under the "other dance listings" area is Moostash Joe.  Also notice that my
name and address are not listed at the bottom.  Here is the link:

Here is the same exact picture which was placed in yet another web page area
and which shows up perfectly.  Notice the entries following Moostash Joe and
also my name at the bottom.

The jpg file pictured is moved to the display area by the following html

<head><title>Current Dance Schedule</title></head>
<body bgcolor="white"><div align="center">
<img src="currentschedule.jpg" width="670 height="850" alt="Please wait
while the schedule loads" title = "Current Month Schedule"></div>

The normal link to the Dance Schedule web page is:
Notice on it that the previous months and the next months dance schedules
are shown in their entirety.

As I say, I have been doing this for several years with no problem.  I
thought, at first, that it was some type of a cache problem but I have the
same problem on another computer.  I have tried doing a refresh but it
doesn't correct itself so it must not be a cache problem.

Appreciate any ideas that you may have.  Thanks!

Re: Problem displaying a jpg file

On 2009-02-28, dan shelby wrote:
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   The JPEG files are not the same; one is corrupted.

   Chris F.A. Johnson, webmaster         <
   Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (2005, Apress)

Re: Problem displaying a jpg file

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Let me say things about the second uncorrupted one then!

There are many who would be irritated by the small fixed print, hard to
read online in browsers that do not have capable zoom features like
Opera. Because OP has restricted a huge 500MB file to about 670px across
in the HTML (from the native 1400*2358).

Such a big file is not really necessary, it could be prepared to be
nearly half that size in pixels and less than half in file size as a jpg
and still function reasonably well (for a pic of a table).

It could be exported to PDF (either from the original 500MB whopper or
from a prepared approx. 200K jpg) and it would then have the one big
advantage of being able to be enlarged for all those browsers capable of
displaying PDF, and certainly enlargeable in stand alone PDF readers.
Very simple to do with export functions in like Photoshop.

There is another possibility. Use the whopper native image and size the
thing in the html in percentage or em terms. Here is an exercise for
someone in respect to browser support.

But perhaps best of all is to attend to the HTML and present a small
version (a native small version prepared from the whopper) of under 100k
and have it link to bigger for those who are interested to see it


Re: Problem displaying a jpg file

dan shelby wrote:

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Size:        416 KB (425,984 bytes)
Dimensions:  1,311px 2,338px (scaled to 670px 1,195px)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Size:        494.11 KB (505,973 bytes)
Dimensions:  1,400px 2,358px (scaled to 670px 1,128px)

You have two different images both named currentschedule.jpg,
apparently, of different *real* sizes, plus your HTML scaling is
different (and wrong) for both.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Notice your errors with the incorrect quote marks in the width and
height attributes. Bote the above links have these mistakes.

Alt attributes should state what the image is, rather than some kind of
alert message.

Why are the 'donations' and 'addresses' in the middle of the calendar?
Those should be listed separately instead of covering up parts of the

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You been lucky, bub!  The width and height attributes on
are also wrong!

Try this: /

   -"All of a sudden my computer is acting strange."
   -"What did you do immediately before 'all of a sudden'?"

Re: Problem displaying a jpg file

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Christ, didn't you check? This whole thread has been a waste of time for
those who might have helped you before deciding you're an idiot.

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