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I try to write a program that solves Sudokus and I thought it would be a
good idea to make HTML-pages of the "so-far-solved-puzzles"

But I encounter many obstacles: For formatting reasons I decided to
print out Zeros white on white, but when I try to really print the page,
in Firefox these letters print black, in Windows Iexplorer grey.

And the lines around do not print at all.
In IE they are shown sort of green, in Firefox grey.

Now I am a bit confused. I know, that even my HTML-output is buggy, but
shouldn't white characters not be printed at all?

Thanks a lot in advance, Dani

Re: Printing question

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First or second, you should look at validating.

Probably first though, you should be rid of all this sort of

<p><span style="font-family:Verdana; font-size:10; color:white">

Why the <p>, why the <span>, why the inline styles cluttering
all? Plus you cannot have font-size in styles without units (em,

Get yourself a css sheet separate and link it to the html page.


Re: Printing question

For all, that have the same problem: (Found it at last)

There are switches in the browsers to choose how the printout comes.
And in Firefox you can switch on backgrounds and colors ...


Re: Printing question

Daniela Duerbeck wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

What problem is that?  I don't see where you've quoted any context.

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