Prevent Files From Being Viewed Online

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As you know, if browsing a website and we run across files outside of
the web formats (HTML, asp, php, jsp etc), IE would usually prompt the
user if the user chooses to Open the file, or Save the file to disk.

I would like to just restrict the user to be able to Save the File to
disk, and not consume bandwidth by attempting to Open and read large
files online. Does anyone know of any possible solutions to that?

Re: Prevent Files From Being Viewed Online

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You put up a link to a file. Others download it.  They either
look at it on their computer then and there (after it comes down)
or they do it later. Either way, they have used up the same
bandwidth on your server. Perhaps you are worried that they will
keep on coming back and doing it again if they are not careful to
preserve their caches? That is harder to do anything about. You
might need to ask them to log in or fill a form to access the
file, or make it download somehow by ftp... perhaps "zip" it up
and make it harder that way...


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