Power of the color wheel

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Ok, I have kept quite for several years now but the last site I looked
at made me speak up.

One of the biggest design errors I see on most sites is the God awful
choices people choose for colors.  The exact same design can go from
looks ok, to looks awesome by simply using a color chart or color
wheel to pick your colors.  People do not realize how much color plays
a part in our lives and how we react to things, including selling
something or keeping one's attention.

There are a ton of free pallet creators that allow you to enter in the
base color (or an image) and it produced the color pallet for your
selection. google "color wheel" for a list.  Most good drawing
programs have this functionality built in, or available as a macro or
add on.

Try it, if you used css it should be pretty easy to switch colors
around a little.  Take you non complimentary color site and put it
side by side with one you used a color wheel on and see if that alone
does not improve the look of your site.

Re: Power of the color wheel

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed Travis Newbury

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What's really funny about this is all the graphic designers turned web
designers who suddenly forget about color. Eh?

Now, I am working on a site <http://www.hazbethlaneinfo.com , and I had
the swatches from the architect.  Great!  Colors are already chosen -
maybe the RBG values are on the paint card? No.  Okay, go the the
manufacturers website.  Have to install a newer version of Flash.  Okay.  
Maybe an RGB?  Nope.  Still have to use an eyedropper from TopStyle (Yes
I could have used the FF ext, but I wasn't running FF at the time).  One
thing I did do was great a class for each paint name - won't use it,
just to have so I can remember which color is which.

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