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Hi All,

I have just built a content editor using ASP.Net. It works by saving HTML
from a form into a text file. I then include these text files in .shtml
files using SSI directives.

The problem I have is pound signs - If I add one to a page, it is always
preceeded with character, so I end up with: £

Any help/ideas will be appreciated.


Re: Pound sign - Prefixed with

Simon Harris wrote...
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The usual way of being sure to produce a pound sign in html is to use
the character entity code  £ but I wouldn't know whether that would
work in the situation you describe.
Martin Clark

Re: Pound sign - Prefixed with

Thanks guys - Replacing with £ worked a treat! :)

Re: Pound sign - Prefixed with

Simon Harris wrote:

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I've seen this before. It was also as part of an ASP content-management
system. It's caused by the script that recieves the submitted data
misinterpreting the charset of the data.

Solution 1: use £.

Solution 2: get your content management software to do a search and
replace, replacing '£' with '£'.

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