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The company I work for has a small web team that is working on a
knowledge base for my team.  My team includes 14 people and they all
need to have the ability to post to the knowledge base.  All of this
data is technical in nature so we use screenshots quite often.

The test web site that our web team has come forth with is very
cumbersome and not very easy to post to when screenshots are involved.
I'm curious if there is a product out there that resolves this type of
issue.  There needs to be an easy to use interface which allows us to
easily copy and paste images into it and then simply post.  Currently,
we have to write some text then click about 5 times just to upload the
image to the server and another two to actually see it.  Is there a
better way?

Re: Posting to a web site

_____/ On Tuesday 23 August 2005 17:27, [ishtar] wrote : \_____

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One possibility you have is to set up a Web server (restrict access by IP or
choose an obscure port number) and mount it so that it is visible to all
users who edit the pages. Then, all you need to do is drag and drop the
file/s to the server and link to it. Alternatively you can set up each
machine to act as a Web server.

A Wiki may be a good way of editing the data at ease, especially when some
informal intranet in hand. Even though I use PHPWiki, people seem to
recommend MediaWiki, so I suggest you look into it. I suppose it has some
rich integration of graphics too, but I am not entirely sure. Any Open
Source blogging tool which I am aware us suffers from this issue of
cumbersome image management.

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Life is too short to proofread"

Re: phpWiki and Media

_____/ On Tuesday 23 August 2005 23:17, [Toby Inkster] wrote : \_____

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Media integration is poor though, if at all possible (I haven't thought much
about it). A friend of mine copied and pasted some junk from M$ Word onto
phpWiki and broke the database.


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Slashdot is standard-compliant... in Japan"

Re: Posting to a web site

ishtar wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well, I don't know your specifics... But my personal tool requires about
3 clicks to upload, and another 3 to insert.  It doesn't get much better
than that if you give the user some options on how to insert, rotate,
scale, and view the images...

If all your images are perfectly scaled, rotated, and you manage
thumbnails and full scales manually, then you can probably drag and
drop.  But I store the image in 3 sizes - thumbnail, screen, and print -
and thus have to have some way to generate and insert correctly.

To answer your question, then - no, there is no 'product' that can do
what you need.  There are, however, tools - imagemagik, etc - that,
combined with php/python/perl can give you what you want if you write
the scripts.

No one can read your mind; any generic 'product' is going to have to be
pretty flexible to be widespread, and anything so specific as to do
*exactly* what you want with one click is not going to have broad appeal...

Re: Posting to a web site

I appreciate all the comments.  The answer just might be its not
possible but I sort of find it hard to believe.  The functionality came
to me while writing mass communications that needed to be sent out to a
large audience.  My process is to write it up in WORD to get the
formatting accurate and then simply copy and paste into an e-mail in
Outlook.  It works like a charm every single time.  I know they are
both Microsoft products so there is a synergy there of course but my
hope was to do something similar with a form on this knowledgebase.  My
hope was that I could get everything nice and neat in something like
WORD or any other editing program for that matter (if not the web site
form itself) and then simply copy and paste into a form on the
knowledgebase.  Everything should be displayed as it is in WORD or
whatever editor and then click a button and its published.  Again,
maybe I'm just asking for too much.

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