Posting A File via HTML

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I have a need to send a file via a POST and am looking for some information.

As an example:

A user will be displayed an HTML page
 -- The user will select a file.
 -- The file will then be read.
 -- A URL Post string will be created
 -- The data from the file will be sent to the website for processing.

I am looking for any information on if this is possible, and how to do this
(website that explains,
pseudocode, working example, etc)

Dave  (Remove .nospam if responding directly)

Re: Posting A File via HTML

David Elliott wrote:
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If your server offers PHP, a good solution would be the PEAR HTTP_Upload
class. An example by the author is here:
< . On that page you
can also download the class.

Details on handling the class etc. are best dealt with in a PHP
newsgroup, e.g. comp.lang.php or alt.php.


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