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I extract code from
but the code don't work as i expect.

The frame code i extract is used to send a post method but
when i send it the explorer show me the home page.

¿Any ideas how can i do this work?


The code is  ..

<title>Consulta de tiempos de espera - Selección de parada</title>


<form name="Form2" method="post"
action=" ">
<table border="0" align="center">
  <td><b>Línea: </b></td>
  <td> <select NAME="Linea" SIZE=1>
    <option VALUE="6611/66 - GTA.CUATRO CAMINOS-FUENCARRAL">LINEA66</option>
  <td colspan="2">&nbsp</td>
  <td colspan=2><b>Sentido hacia <font size=2>SAN CUGAT</font></b></td>
  <td colspan=2>
<select NAME="Parada1" SIZE=1>
<option VALUE="">Seleccione la Parada...</option>
<option VALUE="3219 - GTA.CUATRO CAMINOS">1</option>
<option VALUE="2655 - Pº CASTELLANA-VIEJAS">2</option>
<option VALUE="2656 - VIEJAS-PABLO LUNA">3</option>
<option VALUE="2682 - PZA.DE LOS TRES OLIVOS">4</option>
<option VALUE="2686 - ANASTASIA LOPEZ-BRAILLE">5</option>
</select><input name="sentido1" type="submit" value=" Consultar "></td>
<tr><td colspan=2>&nbsp</td>
<tr><td colspan=2><b>Sentido hacia <font size=2>GTA. CAMINOS</font></b></td>
<tr><td colspan=2><select NAME="Parada2" SIZE=1 onChange
<option VALUE="">Seleccione la Parada...</option>
<option VALUE="2689 - BRAILLE-MOLINS DE REY">1</option>
<option VALUE="2683 - PZA.DE LOS TRES OLIVOS">2</option>
<option VALUE="2677 - GTA.FUENTE DE LA CARRA">3</option>
<option VALUE="1600 - BRAVO MURILLO-ALMANSA">4</option>
<option VALUE="5503 - BRAVO MURILLO Nº 109">5</option>
<input name="sentido2" type="submit" value=" Consultar "></td>
<table border="0" align="center">
 <tr><td align="center"><input TYPE="button" VALUE=" Volver "


Re: post method

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Just had a quick look.  Doesn't look as though they want you to borrow
their code and use their search engine. :(

Even trying to load the frame
< takes you back to
< .
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Re: post method

Yes, i guess they don't want to borrow their core .. but the web is so slow
that i want to put a shortcut in my desktop.

(sorry, no english version)

I don't know much about 'html' but it's looks like a 'simle' post method.

This is a service to know the estimated time of arrival at a bus-stop.
(in other words .. when I go out of the office to the bus-stop)


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Re: post method

Carlos I schrieb:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Might be a 'Simple' post method, but the data is posted to a .asp-site
and asp stands for Active Server Page => Server does something => server
reads the posted data and processes it => server can redirect to any
other page if the data were not send from ""

BTW: please do not top-post, instead write your own text below the
quotation (or within if you refer to a special line).

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