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I have a folder containing a large number of files of very small graphics,
e.g. 3 x 1 pixels, for tiling as background images.
I would like to create a page that will display them all as 150 x 150 images
simultaneously so that I can see what they look like and thus can select the
desired file for use.
Can anyone recommend a program that can do this, or more on topic, tell me
how to write the HTML to access the files.
I am reasonably familiar with basic HTML and CSS.

Brian Tozer

Re: Possibly OT Query.

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Why not  just make the 3x1 images into 150x150 images? It will often take
longer for hundreds of very small images to load than for a lesser number of
somewhat larger images.


Re: Possibly OT Query.

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Or 150x50 to keep the ration correct.

It's fairly easy to write a bit of PHP that traverses a directory
getting the filenames and creating a HTML document as it goes.  Reckon
it could take as many as 10 lines of code.


Re: Possibly OT Query.

"Hywel Jenkins" wrote
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tell me

As I want the files to be displayed as tiled backgrounds, and as the
originals are 3 by 1 pixels, I don't think it makes any difference whether
the "ratio is kept correct".

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Any further information on this suggestion or any other method would be

Brian Tozer

Re: Possibly OT Query.

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003 07:51:13 +1200, "Brian Tozer"

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Someone will know more about this than me, but can you do a div with
150 px wide and for height, throw some transparent text in?

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