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I am trying to open a popup window but without using JavaScript.

Site is in ASP.

Reason - because I am sending out a HTML email and want some links on it to
open as popup windows and Outlook and other mail clients block JavaScript.

I don't want to use Target=_Blank because I don't want to show the title
bar, menu bar etc.  Only Scroll bars.

Any suggestions?

I tried using TARGET=_Blank and putting some javascript into the actual
popup window to resize itself but couldn't get rid of the title bar etc.

Re: Popup Without Using Javascript

Keith wrote:

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You can't do that, and there are perfectly good reasons why not. Look up
"phishing" on a search engine, for example.

HTML email itself is unwelcome at a lot of places. Why don't you just send a
*plain text* email containing the URL of a web page that does all your

phil [dot] ronan @ virgin [dot] net
http://vzone.virgin.net/phil.ronan /

Re: Popup Without Using Javascript

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target="_blank" will open a new window. It will be nearly as annoying
as a JavaScript popup but will at least be more usable as it will
always have all the browser controls. It will also be blocked by fewer
popup blockers.

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And some users have popup blockers that block all new windows
including those via target.

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Why not? Those toolbars are there for the benefit of the user, if they
didn't want them then they could turn the off in their browser

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Stop trying to annoy your users. They can open new windows themselves
if they want to.

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Quite right.


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