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How do I force a video file linked to an image to open in it's player
rather than the browser plugin? Thanks,

Re: popup movie question

lynx wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
I mean, when the image is clicked on. thanks,

Re: popup movie question

Quoted text here. Click to load it

There are 2 common ways to open a video player. The first brings up
the player itself. The second embeds the player on a web page at a
size you choose. I usually use the second method. An example is at:
http://www.cwdjr.net/video2/videotestIM2.php . A png image is used as
an image map. Clicked it in the various labeled areas brings up the
video in any of 4 video formats, and it has a stop button. The image
was constructed using the gd extension of php. Thus image is easily
relabeled if needed. Since much of the code is in php, you will not
see much of what I am doing by viewing the source code of the page.
Rather you see what the server downloads after you choose the video
format in a form that tells the server to write a page with code for
only the selected video format, which saves downloading a lot of
unneeded code for the other formats not selected.

A text php file is at: http://www.cwdjr.net/video2/videotestIM2.txt .
The include file at the very top of the page has to do with serving as
true xhtml1.1 when the viewing browser will accept it, otherwise the
page is rewritten as html 4.01 strict. I suggest you use html 4.01
strict at least first. View the source code of the page on IE7 to see
how the code starts with html 4.01.

On down the page you will find 4 more includes. These are links to
video object files. This allows a much less messy main page, and you
only need an include object file for each video you can select on the
main page. For instance the flashvob video object file is:
http://www.cwdjr.net/video2/flashvob.txt .

This page happens to be designed for high broadband and thus may be
slow to download on low broadband, so buffering time may become
excessive if you do not have a reliable download speed of over 2Mbps.
This can be a problem in some areas outside of the US where the server
is located.  Of course instead of buttons to select 4 video formats
you could select different versions of the same format video encoded
for different download speeds to allow easy playing on slow
connections, with some to considerable loss in quality, of course.

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