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I'm new to Web page design and have a simple question.

How do I create a pop-up text box that opens on top of the current page when
clicking on a hyperlink?  It needs to be 2 or 3 paragraphs in size.

I tried creating an inline frame that points to bookmarked paragraphs on
another page in my Web, but the frame remains permanently on the page where
the hyperlink is located.   I don't want the pop-up text to be visible
unless the visitor clicks on hyperlinked text.  Its purpose is to provide
additional details for those interested, without cluttering up the page for
others who aren't.

I'm using FrontPage 2002.



Re: Pop-up text box

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Easy... You don't.

The popup will never appear on my system because I block those annoying

You have ONE page. Use it as best you can.

Re: Pop-up text box

 George W wrote:

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Then what good is the link if the visitor expects to go to that page?
There are other methods to do what you want without relying on the link
A simple "onmouseover" script would fix that.
Search for "tool tip messages" and you'll get some ideas.

Re: Pop-up text box

 George W wrote:

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BTW www.dynamicdrive.com has a menu you might be interested in.
When the mouse moves over a link, the menu for that link suddenly appears
with links in the menu.


Re: Pop-up text box

<!--Enter This JavaScript before your <HEAD> You can also experiment with
the width and hight of the window etc...-->

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

var win = null;
function popWin(loc) {
  win =
if (win != null) {
    if (win.opener == null) {
      win.opener = self;
    win.location.href = loc;

<!--Create your Text page in HTML form and add your link into this code-->

onClick="popWin('yourtext.html')">ADD YOUR LINK TITLE HERE&nbsp;</a>

<!--This should open a new popup window for your text-->

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