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Would appreciate it if I could get some feedback to see if
is working properly.
Thanks in advance

Re: Please Test Video Download

Christopher R wrote:

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Yes, the downloads appear to work fine. However, the rest of your markup
has room for improvement. For example:

<br /><br /> when you mean </p><p>

<span class="label"> when you mean <label>

<span class="demph"> when you mean <h1>

<span class="emph"> when you mean <em> or <hX> or <strong>

This site definitely suffers from a bad case of I've-heard-that-the-
span-from-now-on syndrome. This disease can prove terminal, but the good
news is that there is a treatment!

For every class (and in some cases ID) you add to your style sheet, think
"what does this class *mean*?" -- it usually won't mean "put this in bold"
-- it will usually mean something like "this is important", so find the
HTML element that has the same meaning, in this case perhaps <strong> and
use that instead. If <strong> doesn't look right, then style that with
CSS, for example <strong class="bigandred">.

You should be able to elimitate 80% of your div and span tags this way and
replace them with more appropriate markup.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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