please help with newsletter set up...

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I have a client, very much a beginner, that is getting a site designed by
me.  She has already been sending 'newsletters' to select customers that
sign up for them, however, she is sending them like a regular e-mail,
through her regular e-mail client. She has about 200 people already
subscribed. Right now, she has to make the e-mail (looks like this- simple,,
just a list of new products, events, etc.) and send them to 50 people at a
time, a max of 100 a day. so to send one newsletter, it takes 3 days...
pitiful! I am helping her set up a newsletter.

I know there are many options, one I remember in particular, it was free and
pretty user friendly, but I cant remember what it is.  Basically, I need a
free service, web based, that I can set up for her, import her list of
subscribers, etc. and allow her to log in, fill in the blanks for the
newsletter, in a template based setting (I want it to look like a real
newsletter- 2 or 3 column, heading, etc. because she prints this out to have
on her counter at the store for customers without e-mails)

The one I remember had a well designed site, professional, etc.  They did
have a small ad at the bottom of the newsletters sent. but that is ok, she
will probably upgrade in a while, once she recovers from the site design.

I seem to be having a blank, I have searched for a solution, but cant find
one... anyone know what site I am talking about, or a similar site that will
fit my needs?

If this doesn't work, she will just have to e-mail me every month and I will
format it in newsletter form then mail it back so she can print and
e-mail.... I do not want to have to do that....


Re: please help with newsletter set up...

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You might want to suggest Group Mail from .  It will
do HTML or plain text email, and has very good membership management as
well as mail merge capability.  If she wants to send HTML email, she could
possibly use a WYSIWG HTML editor to create the newsletter itself, then use
Group Mail to send it.

Now that I have said that, please note that I do not advocate HTML email,
as a matter of fact I have my email client filter it.  I also do not
advocate WYSIWYG HTML editors, but until your client learns HTML markup,
this could be a solution.

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: please help with newsletter set up...

I also recommend Group Mail ( ) - there's a free
version and two ones you have to pay for. I personally think that
paying for the version with more features is worth it.

The program does have a basic HTML editing add-on, but as was
suggested earlier, I'd recommend that you use a good HTML editor such
as the BestAddress HTML Editor ( )
and create a template that your client can use. Once you have a
template set up, it should be easy from there. As for learning HTML,
if you already establish a template for them, they wouldn't need to
learn more than a couple of formatting tags.

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Re: please help with newsletter set up...

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A simple fix:
Have your client secure a domain. Design a web page about what service
she offers. Your weekly newsletter can be written and given a distict
file name which can be linked to from her web page.
This "online approach" saves you a lot of bother and makes the
newsletter available the same day to all.
P. Keenan - Webmaster, Keenan Consulting
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