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Re: Please criticize my website.


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And in both you were/are still as clueless as you were before, but that is
your problem. And I am not talking either of those things here.

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And I suggest you install FireFox and Opera and first make page look OK in
THEM. Then see if it is broken in IE. If it is, find out WHAT IE rendering
bug (quite likely reason) is causing that behaviour in IE and fixing it.
Doing it other way around is much more hassle of trial and error.

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What part of answer above do not REPLY on that "new" question? It does
reply, or are you expecting prople to spoonfeed you with straight answers
telling what line to change in code?

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It will take more time because you are not taking even simple advice about
installing other browsers like Opera and FireFox and getting page work on
them first and then tweaking it to work for IE, if needed (not always case
at all).

So more you dismiss advices, more it cost you as your own time you could
have used for something else.

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True, things get dull and boring etc. if one restrict oneself just to work,
atleast most of the cases.