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Re: Please criticize my website.

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 elsewhere in the thread where he was change the default
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I think that you did it after I had already changed them.

  Luigi Donatello Asero
 (sono  italiano ma vivo in Svezia)
(я  итальянец но я  живу в Швеции  )
(我是  意大利人 ,   但是 我  住 在  瑞典)
  (minä olen Italian kansalainen, mutta minä asun Ruotsissa) /

Re: Please criticize my website.

With neither quill nor qualm, Luigi Donatello Asero quothed:

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Start with a less-complicated page first using simpler html and css
techniques, then validate it and check it in all the browsers you can.  
Once you're sure it's as good as can be, add a few more thing and check
it again.  It's better to have a basic page that works than an esoteric
one which doesn't.  And, except for a few "mad moments" at the very
beginning, that's how I did it.

By "standardized" I mean use only markup/css that's valid under the
current strict doctype.  If you don't know what it is, your number one
priority is to learn it (-optimally from the specification itself.)  
This might not happen overnight, but you'll get a commendable page
online 100 times sooner than if you try to "ad lib" one together.

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.