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Re: Please criticize my website.

With neither quill nor qualm, dorayme quothed:

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"A Paisano with too many pizzas to look after is a pie-eyed Paisano".

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

Re: Please criticize my website.

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My personal experience has shown me that noone is really a master no matter
how many fields he or she is interested in, he or she will never know
At the same time, I have found out that it is very boring to do only one
thing and that you can get more from knowing a little bit about one thing
and a little bit about another.
For example, I get much more information by reading newspapers in several
languages even if I do not know these languages so much as native speakers
do than to by reading a newspaper in Italian, which is my mother tongue, in

  Luigi Donatello Asero
 (sono  italiano ma vivo in Svezia)
(я  итальянец но я  живу в Швеции  )
(我是  意大利人 ,   但是 我  住 在  瑞典)
  (minä olen Italian kansalainen, mutta minä asun Ruotsissa) /