Please criticize my website.

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I know that my website
 is far from being perfect.
I have modified a few things since we talked about it a few months ago.
For example there are probably much less validation errors than there used
to be some months ago, I have begun to create subsubdirectories, I have
begun using
<?php include "menu-svenska.html"; ?> and the like to be able to save the
There are also some new pictures, the homepage has changed.
But there are probably many other things to improve.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you very much in advance and for any help which you gave me before in
this NG.

  Luigi Donatello Asero
 (sono  italiano ma vivo in Svezia)
(я  итальянец но я  живу в Швеции  )
(我是  意大利人 ,   但是 我  住 在  瑞典)
  (minä olen Italian kansalainen, mutta minä asun Ruotsissa) /

Re: Please criticize my website.

Luigi Donatello Asero wrote: