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I have a problem with images on my site. If you place all images
without a <br> they will fill the row and then next row and so on. The
numbers of pictures on every row depends on the resolution. This is
exactly what I want except one problem. I also want a small
description under every image. I have tryed <div> and stuff but
nothing works. Do someone know how I can solve this problem?

I have one more problem too. The menu frame in my frameset should't
have any margin at except the one in that html it views. I have tryed
this; marginwidth="0" marginheight="0", byt it only works in firefox.
I have tryed ie, opera and safari but thay show the standard margins.
Do anyone know what's wrong?


Re: placing img:s

Scripsit eneroth3:

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Fine. There's the issue of spacing between images, but I guess you have
figured it out. Using CSS, it is easy to add some desired horizontal or
vertical spacing.

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Yes, that changes the picture (no pun intended).

The simple HTML-only way, frowned upon by some, is to use tables, with
one table consisting of an image and the description only, and with
align="left" attribute in <table> tags.

The CSS way is to use some markup (e.g., <div>) for a combination of an
image and the associated description and to set float: left for such

More info, with examples:

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Just stop using frames. Frames are evil. Don't do frames, mm'kay?
Problem solved - or at least converted to a reasonable problem.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

Re: placing img:s

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Jukka seems to have covered it pretty well, but here is an example
demostrating some possibilities.  By increasing the bottom margin of the
image (-and changing to ems,) you can move the caption below it, etc.  This
page even seems to work in ie6 although my resources for checking that may
not be the best.

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You really shouldn't use frames unless you absolutely have to.  If such is
the case, html 4.01 provides for new ways of dealing with frame borders, but
they may be limited.  Did you Google for "frames borders"?

Neredbojias /
Great sights and sounds

Re: placing img:s

In article

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You might look at this sort of template and adapt to your needs.

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You would need to post a URL. But if you have something like:

<frameset cols="150,*">

<frame src="navigation.html" name="navigation">
<frame src="content.html" name="content">  


make sure you examine the simple margins and paddings in the actual
frames, navigation.html and content.html. Set the side ones to zero if
need be.

If you post a URL, I would be happy to take a look and suggest

(In fact, anything to do with Frames, it would be a pleasure, like
fiddling with a 37 year old car - I am missing my old beast, a Ford XY
and had to sell it recently and am driving a pesky modern thing that
never seems to go wrong, a dangerous thing as this induces sleepy
boredom while driving instead of my former alert nervousness)


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