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Re: Ping "Richard" Here a Playlistmaker for you

                        Playlistmaker v1.5

 With Playlistmaker you can create playlists for applications,
such as WinAmp, Windows Media Player, XMPlayer, IrfanView,
Multimedia Builder and more

1. If you have unzipped,
    you should have the following 2 files:
    - Readme.txt (this file)
    - Playlistmaker151.exe

2. Installation of Playlistmaker:
    - there's no particular installation routine
    - unzip the contents of
    to any folder you like (e.g. Playlistmaker v1.51)

3. Playlistmaker is freeware.
    It has no limitations or whatsoever.
    You may distibute or copy Playlistmaker
as many as you wish.

Here I made a Playlist for Windows Media Player


<?wpl version="1.0"?>
        <meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Windows Media Player --"/>
        <title>To the Moon & Back</title>
        <author>Savage Garden</author>
<media src="G:\MP3\Track01.mp3"/>
<media src="G:\MP3\Track02.mp3"/>
<media src="G:\MP3\Track03.mp3"/>
<media src="G:\MP3\Track08.mp3"/>
<media src="G:\MP3\Track09.mp3"/>

Save Playlist in the same folder as your songs

Then Edit it in a Text Edit To the songs folder

<media src="Track01.mp3"/>
<media src="Track02.mp3"/>
<media src="Track03.mp3"/>
<media src="Track08.mp3"/>
<media src="Track09.mp3"/>

Hope the will help with Mr. Oldies Jukebox  

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