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Would you want to do a thread where it begins as a simple CSS layout and
then walk me through learning various methods with CSS?  Once I get the hang
of it.. I can offer my own edits and make it a fun thing?  I do have a
server where I can upload changes for viewing the link.

It doesn't have to be complicated or anything. I was just thinking of a fun
thread where I could learn.

(All I'm learning from these men here is how mean they can be.)

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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Perhaps best to start with simple markup that has no added styles
at all and then see various ways to style it? That may get you on
to some of the background ideas better. What shall we call the
thread? "dorayme's garden"? No, too personal, I have too many
enemies and presumably and (deliciously?) have made many new ones
lately, but even I have limits and feelings, I am, after all,
only non-human.

I will post something under a suitable name when I get time.
(Oddly enough, although I enjoy web work more, I am snowed under
with a mountain of graphic design type work for printing at the
moment. But nice to take breaks)


Re: PING: dorayme

dorayme wrote:
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Wonderful!  btw .. I do love graphics type work too ... would love to see
what you do.

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

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