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Hi there,

Is there anyone who could help me with a little problem?

How can I put a photo in the middle of a new page using the following -
usual - code?

<a href="studie_tree.jpg">

Using this code, the photo is aligned at the left of the new page. But I
want to put it in the middle of the new page. Any ideas?



Re: Photo in middle with a href

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "John Larronn"

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There are several ways to do this, here's one:

<style type="text/css"> {
<p class="center"><a href=""><img src="myimage.png"
alt="alternative text" height="100" width="100"></a></p>

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Re: Photo in middle with a href

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You can't do it without placing the image in an HTML page, and linking
to that instead of directly to the image.


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Re: Photo in middle with a href

On 23/01/11 18:40, John Larronn wrote:
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That's an anchor, not a photo.

Enclose the anchor in a paragraph, and apply a style to the paragraph:

<p style="text-align:center">
<a href="studie_tree.jpg">link text[or maybe <img


Denis McMahon

Re: Photo in middle with a href

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If you use links to enlargements a lot, from say, thumbnail
images on a website page, it is a great time saver to simply have
a link directly to the image. But, alas, you thereby lose control
over where the image get placed, most browsers default to top

You can spend time to fix your problem in various ways. You can
make yourself a template html page with simple code to get
horizontal centring (to keep it simple for the moment) using such

<div><img style="margin:auto; display:block;" src="..."


<div style="text-align: center;"><img src="..." alt=""></div>

And simply fill in the dots with the name of the image file when
you want to use such a link. Useful for galleries of thumbnails.
But time consuming because you need to name each destination html
file uniquely.

If you don't want to go to the trouble of this, there is one
simple technique to get a bit of grace from pics being displayed
jammed up to the left - *if* you already prepare your own
pictures and know your plan. You can include a bit of top and
left spacing outside of the substantial image content. The
browser does not know it is being tricked. You won't get centring
this way easily, but it looks better in many browsers.

There would be other ways perhaps, using javascript or
server-side scripting and organising.


Re: Photo in middle with a href

Hi All,

Thank you very much indeed for helping me out.

I will study your answers.

I am building a website with about fifty photographs. They are thumbnails,
and when you click on them they appear in new pages - enlarged - aligned at
the left.

I will come back to you soon.

Kind regards,


Re: Photo in middle with a href

On 24/01/11 02:07, John Larronn wrote:
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So it's not the "<a href="image file name"><img src="thumbnail"></a>"
that you want to be centered, but the resulting image when it opens in a
new window.

You can only do that by wrapping the image in html file and applying
styles to it there.

However, to save creating html files for each image, you could open them
in a new window (or tab, depending on the viewers browser settings)
using javascript to create the html that both loads the image and
applies the styles.

There's an example of this at:


Denis McMahon

Re: Photo in middle with a href

Denis McMahon wrote:
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Or better yet use a server side script to generate the page for each
image that would *always* work regardless of the user's browser
settings. Many scripts out there, but if you wish to roll your own it is
very simple in the language of your choice, and outline in pseudocode:

Get image name passed in query string

Filter value to insure safe
    limit length to reasonable size
    remove "bad" characters not allowed in filename

Validate value
      compare to preset list
      compare to listing that your script creates by reading the image

If value valid image then
   create page with image
   display error message

Take care,


Re: Photo in middle with a href

Hi All and Jonathan,

Thanks very much for your help!

I am now busy applying your advice to my site.

You have all been a great help.

Kind regards,


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