perl or PHP?slightly OT

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Hi all
I have an idea to a web application, a prototype is ready and I wrote it in
now, browsing the web shows that php might be more popular for database
based applications like mine, so generally which language do you prefer,
perl or PHP ( or something else ) and why?

Re: perl or PHP?slightly OT

Bob Smith wrote:
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Perl is available on a few more servers
than PHP, but not so significantly that
you need to worry about what is
'popular'.  More importantly, since
you've already passed the early learning
curve of Perl, why would you want to
move to a language that is less
powerful?  You might want to do
something more difficult with your
application some day.  I doubt if you're
going to see really powerful
applications like the w3 org's validator
being rewritten into PHP for a good while.

m /

Re: perl or PHP?slightly OT

I don't think its fair to compare.
they work differently. they have different purposes.
perl was not initially designed for the web. back when perl first came
out there was no internet as we know it.
it ran on unix and was used by system admins.

PHP was designed for the purpose of web sites. PHP is very easy to use.
I made a php page work by acident.
PHP even looks like an HTML page whereas perl is all weird code.

perl is very much integrated with the system its on. PHP is growing
though. so fear not. its getting very popular. and you can do more and
more with PHP now.

so it's really what you want to do with it.

it's also implemented very differently.

Bob Smith wrote:
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Re: perl or PHP?slightly OT says...
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My two-pennethworth (I'm expert in neither but use both).

The easy stuff (sql, creating html) is easier in PHP than perl.

PHP is easier to learn, particularly for a non-programmer.  Perl can be
a bit of a bastard, even for experienced programmers.

Harder stuff (logic & processing) is easier in perl, assuming that you
know both languages equally.

There's nothing you can't do in either language[1] - stick with what you
know. .

etc ad infinitum...

[1] I bet someone's done embedded processor stuff in perl :-)

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