Percentage Widths for table?

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 I am working on the following page:

 Near the bottom there is a table with the caption 'slrn Colours'. I
have centred the table and set it at 50% width of the containing div.
What I would like to to is to make the two columns of the table of
equal width by setting the value 50% to each column.

 I cannot see how to do this, although I am sure it must be an easy
matter. Any ideas?

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Re: Percentage Widths for table?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Just put style="width: 50%" (or width="50%") on the first <td> in each
column. Not on the colspanning <td> but on the one containing "0 black"
and on the one containing "8 gray". You can leave the 50% set on the
whole table of course.

These are the slrn colours I use:

color unread_subject    "blue"          "default"       "bold"
color article           "black"         "default"
color author            "magenta"       "default"
color boldtext          "brightblue"    "default"       "bold"
color box               "white"         "black"
color cursor            "green"         "default"
color date              "gray"          "default"
color description       "black"         "default"
color error             "red"           "default"       "blink"
color frame             "yellow"        "blue"
color from_myself       "brightmagenta" "default"       "bold"
color group             "black"         "default"       "bold"
color grouplens_display "black"         "default"
color header_name       "green"         "default"       "bold"
color header_number     "green"         "default"
color headers           "cyan"          "default"
color neg_score         "green"         "default"
color pos_score         "blue"          "default"
color high_score        "red"           "default"       "bold"
color italicstext       "magenta"       "default"       "bold"
color menu              "yellow"        "blue"
color menu_press        "gray"          "yellow"
color message           "black"         "default"
color normal            "black"         "default"
color pgpsignature      "gray"          "default"
color quotes            "red"           "default"
color quotes1           "blue"          "default"
color quotes2           "brown"         "default"
color quotes3           "brown"         "default"
color quotes4           "brown"         "default"
color quotes5           "brown"         "default"
color quotes6           "brown"         "default"
color quotes7           "brown"         "default"
color response_char     "green"         "default"       "bold"
color signature         "red"           "default"
color selection         "yellow"        "blue"          "bold"
color status            "yellow"        "blue"
color subject           "gray"          "default"
color thread_number     "gray"          "default"       "bold"
color tilde             "green"         "default"       "bold"
color tree              "red"           "default"       "bold"
color underlinetext     "blue"          "white"         "underline"
color url               "blue"          "default"       "bold"
color verbatim          "green"         "default"

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